Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tatjana Hutinec

Luminat'eau at Harbourfront
June 14, June15, 2008
Theme of Luminat’eau 2008 art festival was water:
Artwork reflecting water mythology, music coming from musical water instruments, dance performances and rituals celebrating water ….and rain did its d├ębut…
It was very appropriate to rain during the water-art festival. Nobody seemed to bothered, but got immersed (literally) into the watery scene with smiles on their faces.
The Rain Gods applauded in a form of rain showers during each performance !
I would like to thank everyone who came o Harbourfront and showed interest in support of the arts .
Mythological Water Creatures, commissioned by Harbourfront were mounted on the canoes in the pond (skating ring) .
Canoe figureheads, created by Tatjana Hutinec are stylized sculptures of Mythological Water Creatures, featuring: Poseidon - Greek god of sea and thunderbolt, Yemanja Afro- Brazilian goddess of the living ocean, Naga -water serpent form Hindu and Buddhist mythology , Atlaua - Aztec lord of the waters, Chinese Dragon - ruler of the storms and waterfalls, Ika-Roa -from Polynesian mythology, fish who gave birth to the Milky Way
Textures created in mixed media technique in combination with bright colours reminiscence folk tails about ancient galleons and illustrations form children's story books
Tatjana Hutinec is sculptor, painter and costume designer. Her work has been commissioned for numerous commercials, music videos, independent movies and big Hollywood productions .

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mike Shocrylas, ArtDept.

Hi everyone: I had invited Mike to our Contact reception but he was unable to attend. Mike has left the Big Smoke for Calgary to return to his profession as an architect. Here is an excerpt from his return email:

I am really blown away by the quantity but not surprised at the quality of the work in the exhibition you are curating. It really shows the type of professionals and the true eye of the artist that we are dealing with on an everyday basis when we work all together on sets. The whole film community should be very proud and I would really like to better promotion nationally amongst our professionals in film.I hope the show goes well.
It is not good to hear that the film work is still dodgy in Toronto. I am sure that it has lost many talented people to other industies. Say hi to Derek- and Cameron and Charles- the list goes on! Heck, say Hello to everyone you see! I miss them all, and especially the feeling when spring comes around and the new shows come in and the doors to the shop are opened up for the first time since the fall.

You can email Mike to say hi at miroschoc@gmail.com